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Betco Overview

Since 1950, Betco has been an industry leader in supporting facilities maintenance professionals. Our journey has taken us through a resource evolution, from chemical cleaning compounds to equipment and from programs to processes for success.

Today, our focus is on your needs for tomorrow, where resource integration and application to individual facilities for improving facility maintenance quality, efficiency and effectiveness is the future.

Our vision is to help you improve all aspects of facility maintenance: quality, productivity, operational efficiency and cost-effectiveness, while making Betco the leader in complete facility maintenance management.

Over 50 Years of Leadership Since 1950, Betco has led the way in manufacturing cleaning chemicals & equipment.

We’ve invented new product lines and pioneered the development of new cleaning equipment. Betco has also led the way in creating innovative programs and services that help maintenance professionals gain new facility management skills.

Outstanding service, products & productivity. A reputation of trust & stability. That’s Betco Corporation.

Our Product Line

Over 250 “state of the art” unique formulations for cleaning, disinfecting, floor care, skin care, industrial applications, and other assorted specialty cleaning and maintenance products. We also offer a complete line of equipment for every cleaning task from special floor-scrubbing machines to heavy duty stripping machines.

Better chemistry, superior equipment, and a complete maintenance management process.

Our Distribution

With distributors located throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico and Central America, Betco has a distribution capability in every major market of the country, and is ideally positioned to expand to other markets around the globe.

We are a customer-focused company, with all the equipment, chemicals and processes needed to fill any facility maintenance management need. We can process any order, regardless of size, within 5 working days.

Interested in becoming one of our select distributors? Please click here to contact us.