• Simple System – Extraordinary Results

    Simple System

    Betco’s Matrix System is the simplest concrete system on the market.

  • Unlike Any Other

  • First and Only.

    A dispenser that guides you to proper hand hygiene.

  • Drop the Mop.

    Ban the Bucket.

    MotoMop™ is the most important innovation in floor cleaning, providing a safer and more effective solution than the mop and bucket.

  • Need malodor

    We got it.

    A malodor conteractant program that not only eliminates the source of odor but brings true outdoor sensory inside your facility.

  • One Minute?

    One Solution.

    Broad-Spectrum hard surface efficacy all with 1 Minute Contact Times!

  • Black Heel Marks?

    We Got It Covered.

    A low odor, black heel mark resistant floor finishes provide
    the highest gloss and wear with the least amount of labor.

  • You Flush It.

    We Conserve It.

    The perfect combination of water conservation and odor control. The best water conserving urinal is the one you already have!

About Betco

You can bet on us.

Betco is committed to being the industry’s leading manufacturer of cleaning innovations that matter to you. Our comprehensive programs, product and equipment lines are unmatched in both quality and technology.

Innovation does not happen in a “vacuum”. It only happens when we listen to you and then leverage our recognized and proven ability to develop breakthrough solutions. When you are ready to talk, we’re ready to listen.

Green is our middle name.

Sustainability means meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

Betco’s dedication to promoting environmental, sustainability efforts and green practical solutions means we provide products that meet customer needs while being environmentally responsible.

We do more than just clean.
  • We encourage innovation.
  • We inspire independence and honesty.
  • We lead from the head and the heart.
  • We listen. We learn. We thrive.

CA CC § 1714.43


Betco founded

By Carl and Ann Betz

First products

Betco Bol Maid™ Betco Concentrate & Pull© Bowl Cleaner


Fancy Finish introduced

State of the art technology

Cutting edge manufacturing system developed

This system allowed for prompt shipping with little or no lead time.


Developed the World’s First Rinse-Free Floor Stripper ... Ax-It©

Fast-acting, floor finish liquefier will solve stripping difficulties caused by frequent high speed burnishing.

Labor savings Glare Floor Finish created

Brilliant, high gloss floor finish


Aerosols added to the product offering

This addition completes the entire chemical offering.

Photon Floor Finish with optical

Extremely durable floor finish


Introduction of the #1 selling Hybrid floor finish

Optically energized, extended wear floor finish

Awarded the first patent for Bac-Guard© Floor Finish

Claims against odor causing bacteria


Rapid Innovation

Introduction of the bag in the box packaging, scuff resistant technology and Symplicity Laundry Warewash

Awarded second patent for BetcoBest Floor Finsh

Labor –savings with few coats


Cleaning Innovations That Matter

Launch of the new Betco brand with an all-new website featuring product information and access to our library of product literature, videos and more.

Conserve Water with Smart Restroom System

New technology introduced to reduce operating expenses and conserve natural resources