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Safe- Grease cutting surfactants for immediate cleaning.

3-n-1 Deodorizer- Malodor counteractant provides instantaneous odor control.

Effective- Clinging foam improves contact time for long lasting effects.

FastDraw Freedrom Portable Dispenser included in case of product.

Tech Specs
Color Light Yellow
Detergency Excellent
Foaming High
Fragrance Citrus
Shelf life 1 year
Viscosity <100 cps
Directions for Use

Use only with Betco's FASTDRAW® System. Read the entire label before using this product. This product is part of Betco’s BioActive Solutions™ Program. BioActive Solutions products are bacterially enhanced and packaged to have a reduced environmental impact while still maintaining superior performance.
DIRECTIONS FOR USE: 5 Easy Steps to...
1. Connect FASTDRAW® Freedom to bottle.
2. Thread onto hose.
3. Turn water on (cold water).
4. Remove trunk of Freedom.
5. Turn dial towards bucket icon.

EXTERNAL AREAS: Foam surfaces liberally 3 times a week after business hours to eliminate odors and prevent buildup of slippery soils. Recommended for Dock Areas, Dumpsters, Garbage Chutes and Trash Areas. Foam liberally into dumpsters, garbage chutes and trash cans when emptied and allow to dry overnight.

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