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Excellent Stain & Chemical “Defense”


Extremely Durable (2-Component)

Low Odor

Superior Adhesion

Tech Specs
Color (dried) Crystal Clear
Color (liquid) Water White
Coverage 1500 - 2000 Square Feet/Gallon
Dry time 30 - 40 Minutes
Fragrance Mild
Freeze/thaw stability 3 Cycles
Leveling Excellent
pH 7.0 - 8.5
Pot life 72 Hours
Recoat Excellent
Shelf life 1 Year
Specific gravity 1.03
Stain resistance Excellent
Directions for Use

Recommended for use on linoleum flooring.

Completely remove all old finish using Vanisher™ stripper according to label directions. Floor surface must be clean, dry and free of residue before applying sealer. Rinse with clean water if necessary.

Foundation™ sealer is a 2 - component product. While stirring, add catalyst slowly. Mix thoroughly and let stand for 15 minutes. Once catalyzed, pot life is 72 hours.

Apply first coat of finish in a uniform medium coat using a rayon fiber mop. Allow first coat to dry 30 - 40 minutes and then apply the second coat in the same fashion. This coating is permanent and is not easily removed. Once the sealer is dry, apply Structure™ with SRT™ floor finish. Please recycle empty container.

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