Rapid Refill Dispensing System

Tote Dispensing System

The best way to clean large floor surfaces. Specially designed features that make it simple and quick to fill automatic scrubbers. Fill 10 times faster than traditional proportioners. Durable construction with a protective cage to insure the integrity of the tote Green package - each tote is constructed of extrusion blow molded recyclable HDPE.


Each tote holds the capacity of 5 drums.

Green packaging- totes are constructed of extrusion blow molded recyclable HDPE.

Large 2" diameter discharge hose fills automatic scrubbers 10X faster than traditional methods.

Float insures tote is never overfilled.

Huge savings over pails and drums.

Proportioner automatically dilutes chemical - no mixing required.

Simple disposal - Call a toll free number which appears on ever tote to arrange a tote pickup.

Tech Specs
Flow Rate Up to 40 GPM
Hands Free Filling Yes
Directions for Use

Installing: 1: Place appropriate metering tip in proportioner on Rapid Refill Dispenser Tote. 2: Place clear tubing with attached foot valve and ceramic weight over elbow containing metering tip in the proportioner. 3: Connect inlet water hose to proportioner. 4: Place empty Rapid Refill Dispensing Tote on top of product tote. 5: Feed end of 5/8 tubing with foot valve and ceramic weight into bottom product tote. 6: Turn on water supply 7: Chemical will draw from bottom tote and dilute according to metering tip installed. There is a float on the bottom of the proportioning system in the Dispenser Tote which will automatically shut off the chemical and water as the solution nears the top of the tote 8: Dispense use solution into scrubber by opening banjo valve and placing 2” outlet hose into scrubber. Fill to desired level and shut off valve. 9: Place appropriate end user label on the end use solution tote.

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