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3 2 Partner with Betco in driving compliance and teaching end users how to properly wash hands for a healthy facility. Only 5% of the population washes hands according to the guidelines set by the Centers for Disease Control. It only takes a few steps to avoid spreading germs to others. ONLY the Compass dispensing system by Betco guides you to proper hand hygiene. The CDC recommends a 6-step technique for proper hand hygiene. The LCD screen on each Compass displays a visual representation of a 6-step technique that is recommended by the CDC for proper hand hygiene. Expertise in Hand Hygiene Compass ® Guides You to Proper Hand Hygiene Hand hygiene is an essential part of achieving a healthy facility, but it’s not the only part. Compared to our skincare competition, Betco’s expertise in hand hygiene, surface cleaning, touch point disinfection, and best-in-class floor care makes us a complete partner for clean and healthy environments. As a professional leader in hand hygiene solutions, Betco® understands that each market and end use customer has different needs to achieve a clean environment, that is why Betco offers a variety of dependable dispensers as well as bulk filled soaps to be your one partner in hand hygiene. You will find that we strive for the top-of-the-line dispensers, soap, and training to provide the healthiest environment possible for your customers. Compass ® Dispenser Features and Benefits • LCD screen with backlight • 20-second timer option for handwashing • 8-second timer option for hand sanitizing • Touch Free Dispenser: available in 750 mL and 1250 mL sizes • Patented technology • Multiple skin care formulas including EcoLogo® certified options • Battery lifetime guarantee: email CustomerService@Betco.com and we will ship replacement batteries The Active Learning Handwashing System That Pays for Itself! Patented Active Learning System • Improve attendance of both students and teachers: increase dollars for schools ($25/day per student and $125/day per teacher) • Decrease HAIs: increase ranking and dollars for the healthcare facilities • Lessen sick days: each year, 111 million workdays are lost due to the flu, costing approximately $7 billion in lost productivity • Stop the spread of foodborne illnesses : proper handwashing is the key to prevent illnesses like E. coli and Salmonella to customers The Compass dispenser has a sanitizing setting that graphically shows users the steps for scrubbing hands with sanitizer for 8 seconds. Patented Active Learning System