92069-92_Clario TF Brochure

Creating Higher Levels of Personal Hygiene with the Clario ™ TF Touch Free Skin Care Dispensers 91866-00 6/case - White Foam Only Sustainable Hand Hygiene Betco ® has been a leader in sustainable and environmentally responsible products since 1990 when we first started on our mission to create a healthier environment with the Betco Green Earth ® brand. Clario ™ Green Earth ® Foaming Skin Cleanser and Clario ™ Clear are both Green Seal ™ Certified and are perfect options for use in the Clario ™ TF dispenser. Touch Free Dispensing System • Clario ™ TF dispenser saves you up to 60% per hand wash with foam soap as compared to other leading brands. • 30% more people will wash their hands if Touch Free products are provided. • Increased hand washing compliance means better hygiene, and reduces the spread of ill- ness causing germs. • The Clario ™ TF dispenser uses the same proven 1000 mL bag and products as the Betco ® Clario ™ Manual foam dispenser. – Less items to purchase for facilities that have both TF and Manual dispensers. This provides flexibility and reduced stocking levels for real savings! • Realize first year savings of over $800 per Clario TF dispenser. 1 Clario ™ bags used per month: 4 Bags 3 Bags 2 Bags 1 Bag Annual Savings per Clario ™ TF Dispenser 1 : $823 $617 $412 $206 Per Clario ™ TF Dispenser See the Savings! 1 Based upon Betco ® ’s MSRP as compared to other leading brands