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3 Keep Floors Looking Cleaner Longer Betco® Elevate™ Multiple Surface System is a simple, four product program designed to maintain, protect and extend the life of no- and low- maintenance flooring products. The Elevate Multiple Surface System works on LVT as well as alternate flooring types such as vinyl tile, linoleum, rubber and laminate. Recover Finish Remover • Highly effective , labor-reducing finish removal technology • Designed for safe use on all low-maintenance floors • Multiple flooring finish stripper Why Elevate • Designed for all no/low maintenance flooring • LVT, vinyl, rubber, linoleum, etc. • Keeps floors looking cleaner longer • Extends flooring life cycle Reinforce Cleaner and Protectant • Neutral cleaner continually repairs abrasions with daily cleaning • Keeps floors cleaner longer • Proprietary blend of surfactants, polymers and waxes continually protect with daily cleaning. Rescue (Gloss and TruMatte) Finish • Protects and extends low-maintenance wear layer for longer life • Best-in-class adhesion • Trust TruMatte Technology for a natural, matte look. Extends Floor Life Up to 25% RESCUE GLOSS RESCUE TRUMATTE Rescue Gloss Versus Rescue TruMatte NO FINISH LVT and similar synthetic flooring provide low-cost durability, but foot traffic, wheel traffic, and other sources of everyday wear and tear can dull and damage even the toughest floors if not properly maintained. Reinforce Cleaner and Protectant’s innovative formula continually conditions floors to fill in scuffs and light scratches that affect all wear layers, regardless of thickness, while also removing soils. Preserve your floors’ pristine condition! Formulated to provide the ultimate protection for all low-maintenance flooring types, Rescue Floor Finishes are available in two attractive sheens to suit every aesthetic. Competitive Stripper* Recover Conventional Strippers Can Discolor * This information is presented based on Betco® research which we believe to be correct and objective. No guarantee is expressed or implied.