Anti-Splash Urinal Screen Lavender

Anti-Splash Urinal Screens

Create cleaner and healthier restrooms with Betco’s Anti-Splash Urinal Screens. Reduce the spread of germs and odors in urinals while leaving behind a long lasting fragrance. Patented Micro-Tubed Technology allows the heat activated plastic pores to open with concentrated fragrance when in contact with urine.


Reduces the spread of germs and keep urinals cleaner longer

Transform your public restroom with vibrant colors and fragrances: Ocean Breeze, Citrus, and Lavender

Enzyme powered urinal screen prevents malodors

Designed for high traffic public restrooms

Flexible construction allows proper fit to any urinal to prevent debris

Perfect for water and waterless urinals

100% Recyclable, VOC Compliant, and No CFCs

Tech Specs
Color Purple
Fragrance Lavender
Paradichlorobenzene None
Warranty 2 years
Directions for Use

Remove the urinal screen from the box. Remove plastic wrapper. Place screen into the urinal making sure the drain is protected. Replace with new screen every 45+ days or when fragrance runs out.

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