FastPak™ Mobile Dilution Control Kit

Precision Dosing

FastPak™ Mobile Dilution Control Kit combines professional, concentrate cleaners and disinfectants, with safe, precise dosing to enhance clean, lower costs and simplify your operations.

This small variety pack of quart size concentrates provides the most accurate solution to dilution control management, including pH7 Ultra floor cleaner, Top Flite High Performance All-Purpose Cleaner, Clear Image Non-Ammoniated Glass Cleaner, Spectaculoso Multi-purpose cleaner, Pine Quat Disinfectant, and a mobile dilution proportioner.


Simple - Easy-to-use, no training required, no complicated equipment

Precise - Easily measure 1/4 to 3 oz. with accurate results every time

Safe - Reduce unnecessary spills or splash risks

Value - Savings with concentrates and eliminates overdosing

Directions for Use

Proportioner cap directions:

Twist the lid of the proportioner to set the orange fill line and secure to the bottle.

Squeeze the bottle gently to fill the proportioner to the fill line.

Pour into a secondary container with water.

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