Urinal Screen with Odor Counteractant

This urinal screen combines the action of deodorizers and odor counteractant to control the toughest odors in a restroom. A specially designed screen protects the drain against debris and reduces splash back.


Flexible vinyl to fit the contours of any urinal

Fresh citrus bouquet fragrance

Long Lasting - 1200 flushes

Tech Specs
Color Red
Fragrance Citrus bouquet
Net weight 2.26 ounces
Odor counteractant O3Z
Paradichlorobenzene None
Shelf life 1 year
Solubility in Water Complete
Storage stability Up to 140° F
Directions for Use

Remove the urinal screen from the box. Remove plastic wrapper. Place screen into the urinal making sure the drain is protected. Replace with new screen every 45 - 60 days or when fragrance runs out.

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