Betco U Online

The Betco® U Certification Program assists in creating a standard program to enhance results and safety. This training program consists of topics from disinfection and floor care to green cleaning and satisfying OSHA requirements.

Receive access to interactive learning modules, videos and support materials online for download. Many of the training modules will earn International Executive Housekeeping Association CEU points. Betco certifies each student who completes the modules with a signed certificate.

Available Betco U online courses:

Cleaning Professional Courses

  1. Cleaning Professional Courses

Sales Professional Courses**

  1. Sales Professional Courses**

Betco U on-site

Betco® U provides hands-on training sessions with experienced Jan San professionals to allow new employees to gain a full understanding of their role in the industry.

Available Betco U on-site courses:

Betco U DSR Training – (COST - $375)
DSR School is for Distributor Sales Representatives and focuses on understanding Betco's key product lines, developing consultative selling techniques, selling into key market verticals, and how to use tools like the iBet Facility Resources to discover opportunities and grow accounts.

To Register click on one of the dates below:
Betco U DSR School September 17 - 19: Click to Register
Betco U DSR School October 15 - 17: Click to Register

Crete Rx Sales Training – (COST - $250)
Discover a new Way to grow your business with this simple, low maintenance, and revolutionary system for polished concrete and terrazzo. 

This training class is for contractors and distributors interested in expanding their and expand their product offering and  includes detailed classroom and hands-on training focused on understanding the benefits of the process of the Betco Crete Rx System.

Training Dates

Crete Rx Certified Contractor Training - (COST - $250)

The Crete Rx Certified Contractor School is held at the Betco Headquarters Training facility in Bowling Green, OH and provides a deep dive into the Crete Rx Polished Concrete System. The training is focused on training contractors in the use of the Crete Rx system’s machines, tools and chemicals as well as other skilled techniques such as floor assessment, blending, repairing, grouting, crack and joint filling, resetting floors, and cost calculation for bids.

Contractors who complete this school will be certified operators of the system and will be added to Betco’s database of Certified Approved Contractor’s list which connects them to opportunities in their area.

Training Dates