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Introducing the Stealth™ ASO20BT Orbital Scrubber

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Jan 09, 2019

This 20-inch automatic scrubber is a dual-function powerhouse that excels in both daily cleaning and stripper-free finish removal, allowing you to save time and do more.

Stealth Orbital Scrubber

• Best-in-class, 110-lb. down pressure guarantees one-pass cleaning and finish removal for increased productivity
• Reduce slip/fall hazards and finish removal labor by over 80% compared to chemical stripping
• Low 60s dba sound levels are non-disruptive even in noise-sensitive environments
• Built to last with rugged, high-performance scrub deck and best overall warranty, including 2-year isolator warranty

Put inferior machines to pasture and upgrade to the Stealth Orbital Scrubber workhorse. Learn more.