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Introducing Anti-Splash Urinal Screens from Betco®

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Jun 27, 2019

Anti-Splash Urinal Screens

A modern restroom solution with a myriad of benefits, switching to new Betco® Anti-Splash Urinal Screens with Micro-Tube Technology is a no-brainer!

• Improve occupant satisfaction with cleaner and more hygienic restrooms
Micro-Tube Technology • Avoid splash back to minimize spread of germs, keep urinals cleaner longer, and reduce labor cost
• Patented Micro-Tube Technology is heat-activated, releasing concentrated fragrance during use
• Enzymes prevent malodors
• Transform high-traffic restrooms with 3 long-lasting fragrances and vibrant colors: Ocean Breeze, Citrus, Lavender
• Flexible construction properly fits any urinal to prevent debris
• Use with water and waterless urinals
• 100% recyclable, VOC compliant, and no CFCs

Restroom smarter, not harder with new Anti-Splash Urinal Screens. Learn more.