91189-92 GymShow Brochure

• Amber and clear options • Elementary/middle schools • Budget conscious • Excellent durability–sport floors stay glossy longer • Enhanced traction • High schools or high-use floors • Best-in-class performance • Coat Today, Play Tomorrow • Perfect for high-profile or high-traffic sports facilities ROLE PLAYER STAR PLAYER FRANCHISE PLAYER Advantages • Quick and easy process—saves labor. • Dustless system. Easy clean-up. • Builds deep gloss with no screen marks. • Quick process. • Simple procedures. • Superior adhesion. • Removes deep scuffs and scratches. • Recommended for new floors. Recommended Application Choose this system if: • Limited equipment available. Limited time to train. • Recoat budget is limited. Application time is limited. • Floor downtime is restricted (can be in use the next day). Choose this system if: • Orbital auto scrubber is available. • Staff has limited wood coating experience. • Recoat budget is limited. Choose this system if: • Skilled staff is present. • Recoating with oil-modified or water-based finishes. • Adequate time permits thorough prepping & coating procedures. • Adhesion problems are present (peeling areas) Recommended Power Equipment • Low-speed floor machine or autoscrubber. • Wet/dry vacuum. • Orbital auto scrubber. • Wet/dry vacuum. • 1-2 low-speed floor machines. • Wet/dry vacuum. Recommended Floor Pads and Screens • Blue or maroon top scrub pads. • Maroon top scrub pads. • Sanding screens—100 grit or above (depending on floor conditions). Required Cleaners/ Bonding Agents I.F.T. TyKote ® Game Time Cleaner Squeaky™ Cleaner I.F.T. Game Time Cleaner I.F.T. Game Time Cleaner Sports Zone ® Coatings StreetShoe ® NXT GymShoe ® Any Sports Zone sport floor finish Player’s Choice™ One Emulsion ® PRO + Game Plan One SPORTS ZONE® TYKOTE SYSTEM Game Plan Two SPORTS ZONE® SCRUB & RECOAT Game Plan Three SPORTS ZONE® SCREEN & COAT SPORTS ZONE ® COATING SYSTEM SELECTION GUIDE Squeaky™ Cleaner Squeaky™ Cleaner StreetShoe ® NXT GymShoe ® Player’s Choice™ One Emulsion ® PRO + ©2021 Betco Corporation All Rights Reserved. 400 Van Camp Road Bowling Green, Ohio 43402 Item #91189-92 12/2021