2 Crete Rx Sealant Infused Technology Sealant Infused (SI) Cleaning and Burnishing Maintenance Pads take polished concrete maintenance to the next level. Sealant Infused pads continually fill porous concrete with sealant, pushing the sealant into the concrete itself, not just a topical film. This provides excellent protection and deep gloss without floor finish. 1 Crete Rx LiquiGrind This proprietary nanoparticle abrasives provides maximum surface area coverage for increased cutting effectiveness. Excessive wear and etching is easily removed when LiquiGrind and the Crete Rx Honing Tool are used. LiquiGrind penetrates the porous concrete while working with the Crete Rx Honing tool to grind out excessive wear and staining. 3 Stain and Etch Prevention Once sealant infused technology is used, there are no more open pores or available sites for penetrations into the concrete to stain, etch or mark. 4 Daily Maintenance With the unique chemistry in Betco’s DensiClean product, free lime content in polished concrete is greatly reduced, thus also reducing labor time spent on dust mitigation compared to standard neutral cleaners. The Crete Rx™ System uses advanced technology at every stage of polished concrete floor maintenance. The removal of staining and etching with LiquiGrind’s technology and the continual cleaning and progressive gloss build from DensiClean are the foundation of the system. Sealant Infused Cleaning Pads ensures a better looking concrete floor. Betco’s Crete Rx™ System is the simplest concrete system on the market. Achieve better looking floors, with a deep gloss and stain resistance in less time. This system effectively combines the right cleaner, sealant infused pads, proper tooling and equipment to make your floor investment easy and affordable. Great Gloss No Finish Necessary Unlike other systems, the Crete Rx system uses one process for every level of concrete maintenance. No more complicated diamond polishing pad selection or process. This system offers significant reduction in tooling inventory – the Crete Rx System requires only 2 tools - the polishing and honing tools. A Simple System with Extraordinary Results Crete Rx sealant infused cleaning and burnishing pads takes the guesswork out and ensures superior “Crete Gloss” every time. Superior Stain Protection The Crete Rx System effectively cleans and enhances gloss by continually filling porous concrete with sealant into the concrete itself. This protectant layer repels stains, etching and other unsightly marks. The Right Prescription