©2021 Betco Corporation All Rights Reserved. 400 Van Camp Road Bowling Green, Ohio 43402 Item #92390-92 11/2021 Crete Rx™ CM30 Crete Rx™ Concrete Stain Removal Kit E29805-00 92411-00 • Designed for maintaining pre-polished concrete floors • Three counter- rotating, high RPM satellite tool drivers • Aggressive, 330 lb down pressure • Smaller, lighter- weight for easier maneuverability and transport • Safe, EPA / CARB certified emissions • 6 Qts LiquiGrind, 4 Qts Densifier, 2 Qts Stain Defense • Combines all Crete Rx Polishing System products into one convenient place • Ideal for stain remediation projects 1 / skid 12 variety Qts/cs Concrete & Terrazzo Maintainer Ready-To-Use Quarts of Crete Rx Products Productivity Rate: Up to 2,250 sq.ft. /hr Sealant Infused (SI) Cleaning and Burnishing Pads • Continuously fill porous concrete with advanced resin polymers deep into the concrete pores • Provides excellent protection and deep gloss without topical coatings Coverage Rate: 200,000 sq.ft. /pad - SI Cleaning Pads 11″ SI Cleaning E84111 5/cs 12″ SI Cleaning E84112 5/cs 13″ SI Cleaning E84113 5/cs 14″ SI Cleaning E84114 5/cs 15″ SI Cleaning E84115 5/cs 16″ SI Cleaning E84116 5/cs 17″ SI Cleaning E84117 5/cs 20″ SI Cleaning E84120 5/cs 14″ x 20″ Cleaning E84109 5/cs 14″ x 28″ Cleaning E84108 5/cs SI Burnishing Pads 21″ SI Burnishing E84121 5/cs 24″ SI Burnishing E84124 5/cs 27″ SI Burnishing E84127 2/cs