Crete Rx™ Stain Defense Coverage Rate: 4,000 sq.ft. /gal • Penetrating polymers seal off open pores • Resists staining and etching • Interacts with Sealant Infused polymers • Creates uniform, continuous protective surface Ready-to-use Penetrating Sealer 5 gal. (18.9 L)/Pail 167205-00 Crete Rx™ LiquiGrind • Nanoparticle abrasive • Removes wear and etching easily • Works with honing tool to grind out excessive wear and staining Coverage Rate: 1,000 sq.ft ./gal Ready-to-use Honing Compound 5 gal. (18.9 L)/Pail 167005-00 Crete Rx™ Densifier • Nanoparticle silicate chemistry strengthens and hardens polished concrete • Concrete surface exhibits improved abrasion and chemical resistance Coverage Rate: 2,000 sq.ft ./gal Ready-to-use Densifying Compound 5 gal. (18.9 L)/Pail 167105-00 Crete Rx ™ System Products Crete Rx™ DensiClean Cleaner Concentrate with Densifier 12 Quarts (946 mL)/cs. 67912-00 67947-00 Dilution Rate: 1:256 • Advanced cleaning formula with proprietary silicate chemistry • Interaction with free lime in concrete cuts down on dust mitigation • Suspends the toughest soils and maintains a safe pH Tool Holder • Universal magnetic tool holder with velcro backing to accept the honing or polishing tools • For use with the CP30 and CM30 3/cs. E84130-00 - - - - Crete Rx™ Honing Tool Coverage Rate: 4,000 sq.ft ./tool • Channels LiquiGrind nanoparticles • Hones concrete surface • Velcro autoscrubber pad attachment 3/cs. E84133-00 - Crete Rx™ Polishing Tool Crete Rx™ Reset Tool Crete Rx™ Counter Rotating Plate (CRP) Crete Rx™ Tool Adapter Pad (TAP) Coverage Rate: 8,000 sq.ft. /tool Coverage Rate: 2,000 sq.ft ./tool • Sealant Infused tool • Pushes resin to fill pores and build a gloss barrier in concrete • Effective in dry polishing process • Velcro autoscrubber pad attachment • Quickly smooths out rough, worn areas of polished concrete • Requires minimal passes • Prepares floor for honing tool • Velcro autoscrubber pad attachment • Enhances performance of floor machines on small areas and in stain remediation • Adds 26 Lbs & 960 RPM of counter rotating motion • Universal clutch plate for use with floor machines • Heavy duty velcro pad gives autoscrubbers and floor machines Crete Rx capability • Can equip single or dual disk autoscrubbers up to 32-inch • Ultra durable for many uses 3/cs. 3/cs. 1 EA 1 EA E84134-00 E84132-00 E84143-00 E80001-00 - - - -