4-Product Laundry Dispenser

On-Premise Laundry Dispenser
Dispense Symplicity™ laundry products in 5-gallon pails or 15-gallon drums accurately and easily with the on-premise laundry dispenser. The 4-product dispenser with the optional 2-product add-on pump has a sleek and compact design to save space and fit where needed for your machine.
Refer to the Symplicity Parts Catalog in the SDS and Resources section for more detailed information.

Proven durability and reliability

Easy add-on pump configuration (92244-00)

Full speed control on all pumps

16 x 4 illuminated screen

Can be used in relay mode or with a Formula Select Module (92242-00)

Tech Specs
Warranty 1 year
Directions for Use

Consult your Betco Distributor for detailed instructions for your specific application.

SDS and Resources
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