Metered Deodorizing Aerosol

Water based aerosol with Neutrabond™ malodor counteractant technology and specially blended fragrances for use with a metered aerosol cabinet.


Ultra dry formula for extended suspension time

Pleasant citrus based fragrance

Low VOC content-50 state compliant

Tech Specs
Fragrance Citrus Bouquet, Floral Fresh, Forest Green or Ocean Breeze
Net weight 7oz. each
Odor counteractant Proprietary Blend
Spray appearance Fine Mist
Storage stability Up to 120°F
Directions for Use

FOR INSTALLATION OF METERED DISPENSER: Mount dispenser 7 feet above the floors. Anchor dispenser with supplied wall and screws. Install 2 D alkaline batteries. Insert metered refill and press the ‘RESET’ button.
REFILL Replace: Insert new metered refill and press the ‘RESET’ button.

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