BestScent™ Ocean Breeze 3000 Deodorizer

Metered Deodorizing Aerosol

Water based aerosol with Neutrabond™ malodor counteractant technology and specially blended fragrances for use with a metered aerosol cabinet.


Ultra dry formula for extended suspension time

Pleasant marine based fragrance

Low VOC content-50 state compliant

Tech Specs
Spray appearance Fine Mist
Net weight 7oz. each
Odor counteractant Proprietary Blend
Fragrance Ocean Breeze
Storage stability Up to 120°F
Warranty 2 years
Directions for Use

FOR INSTALLATION OF METERED DISPENSER: Mount dispenser 7 feet above the floors. Anchor dispenser with supplied wall and screws. Install 2 D alkaline batteries. Insert metered refill and press the ‘RESET’ button.
REFILL Replace: Insert new metered refill and press the ‘RESET’ button.

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