CP30 Concrete Polishing Machine

Concrete / Terrazo Polishing Machine

The Crete Rx CP30's aggressive action, as part of Betco's exclusive Crete Rx concrete system, builds unmatched depth of gloss in the shortest amount of time. This will allow you to complete more projects and shine in the process.


Highest depth of gloss. Up to 10X faster.

Dual-direction floating head at high RPM produces the highest gloss

Aggressive down pressures up to 710 lbs. hones and polishes in as little as 1-2 passes

Enjoy years of safe, low emissions operation

Tech Specs
Frame Construction 1/4" Aluminum
Head Pressure (w/ water) 710 lb
Head Pressure (w/o water) 615 lb
Head Speed 1040 RPM
Machine Dimensions (operating position) 75 in x 30 in x 48 in
Machine Dimensions (transport position) 105 in x 30 in x 52 in
Machine Weight (empty tank) 950 lb
Motor 22 HP
Path Width 30-inch
Productivity (sq.ft.)/hr Up to 3,375 sq.ft./hr
Propane Tank 20 lb / 4.6 gal.
Satellite qty/size (3) 13-inch tool drivers
Satellite Speed 520 RPM
Solution Tank 11 gal.
Warranty 3-yr Parts / Labor, Engine 2 yr
Directions for Use

PLEASE READ THE MANUAL BEFORE OPERATING! Please refer to the Betco Crete Rx Procedures Document, which provides an overview of the process of the Betco Crete Rx System. The CP30 is used in both wet honing and dry polishing steps. Be sure to maximize your product's performance and longevity with original equipment parts. Contact Betco or your local authorized dealer to get original equipment parts.