Crete Rx™ Honing Tool (3/case)

Crete Rx™ Honing Tool (3/case)


Use with LiquiGrind to grind out imperfections in previously polished concrete

Prepares concrete for polishing step by removing imperfections and smoothing surface

Tech Specs
Hone Autoscrubber 50000 sq.ft.
Hone CP30 5000 sq.ft.
Weight 130 grams
Color Light Brown
Directions for Use

Please refer to the Betco Crete Rx Procedures document for full procedure. Attach the Betco Crete Rx Honing Tool to proper equipment to be used either via Velcro or magnetic Tool Holders. Place equipment in LiquiGrind and begin initial grinding proedure. If using propane equipment, allow one pass at rougly 15 to 20 ft./minute. Overlap each pass by at least one quarter to ensure proper restoration pass. If using autoscrubber application, allow for eight to ten passes at the same rate. Be sure to keep concrete wet in this step.