Crete Rx Polishing Tool (3/case)

Crete Rx Polishing Tool (3/case)


Used in the Polishing step of the Crete Rx System with propane equipment or autoscrubber

Establish a polished look on the floor after honing step completed in Crete Rx System

Tech Specs
Polish CP30 10000 sq.ft
Polish Autoscrubber 200000 sq.ft
Weight 110 grams
Color Off Yellow
Directions for Use

Please refer to the Betco Crete Rx Procedures document for full procedure. Remove Honing Tools from equipment and replace with Betco Crete Rx Polishing Tools. This step is to be done dry. If using propane equipment, one pass at roughly 15 to 20 ft./minute. Overlap each pass by roughly one quarter to ensure proper resin transfer. If using autoscrubber application, allow for six to ten passes at the same rate.