Crete Rx™ Reset Tool (3/cs)

Crete Rx Reset Tool

The abrasive strength of the Crete Rx Reset Tool makes it the ideal precursor to the Crete Rx system. At 100 grit, this tool can be used on polished floors which have been long since neglected, and may be in need of some more muscle in order to be fully restored to their previous shine.


Abrasive strength 'resets' neglected polished concrete floors which may have excessive finish, film accumulation, or pitting

Prepares polished concrete floors for Honing

Tech Specs
Grit 100
Color Dark Brown
Diameter 3-in
Directions for Use

Please refer to the Betco Crete Rx Prodedures Document for full procedure. Attach the Betco Reset Tool to proper equipment to be used either via velcro or magnetic tool holders. Please equipment in Liquigrind and begin griding procedure. If using propane equipment allow one pass at roughly 15-20 ft per minute. Overlap each pass by at least one quarter to ensure proper restoration with each pass. If using autoscrubber application allow for eight to ten passes at the same rate. Be sure to keep concrete wet in this step. Clean and vacuum residue. After this step is complete, repeat process with Crete Rx Honing Tool.