Crete Rx™ Tool Adapter Pad (round)

Crete Rx Tool Adapter Pad (round)

Betco's universal Tool Adapter Pad enables Crete Rx tools to be attached to any single or dual-disk Auto Scrubber up to 32", and any 17" or 20" Floor Machine. This convenient pad quickly gives industry standard equipment Concrete honing and polishing capabilities!


Double-sided hook-and-loop attaches to standard pads and Crete Rx tools.

One simple pad for 13"-20" pads

Indicators make it simple to identify where to place Crete Rx tools

Tech Specs
Width 13" to 20"
Directions for Use

Cut Crete Rx TAP according to desired pad size. Locate corresponding tool indicators, and attach Crete Rx tools, Honing and Polishing, as needed. Proceed with Crete Rx system as directed. See Crete Rx Procedures Brochures for full system details.