Self-sealing wood coating

EZ Plus Gym Coat n Seal provides the warm, rich look of oil with all the benefits of waterbased technology. It's oxidative cure urethane system produces better wear properties than traditional oil finishes and superior value over other waterbased products.


Self-Sealing Technology - Sealer coat under Betco® Sports Zone® water-based wood floor finish

Single Component - No mixing of catalyst

Fast Drying - Dries in 3 hours

Easy to Apply - Applies quickly and easily with T-bar applicator

VOC Compliant - Traditional oil replacement

Tech Specs
Color Light amber
Coverage 500 - 600 square ft./gal
Drying time 3 hours
Recoat time Within 6 hours
Flash Point Greater than 200
pH 7.5 - 8.5
Weight per gallon 8.75 lbs.
VOC <275 g/L
Gloss @ 60° Gloss >85
Warranty 1 year
Directions for Use

For use on gymnasium and other wood floors.

WOOD FLOOR PREPARATION: Vacuum all dust and tack with cotton towel.
Sealer Application: 2 coats minimum recommended. Apply at 500 - 600 sq. ft./gal. 120 grit screens are recommended for final screening.

FOR SCREENING AND RECOATING: Always clean the floor prior to screening. Mix Betco's GT Cleaner (see product label for additional instructions) and tack using a clean towel. Screen using new 120 or 150 grit screens, vacuum and tack using a water moistened cotton towel.

APPLICATION: Apply at 600 sq.ft./gal. Pour finish into a clean, dry, plastic pour can. Pour a 4-inch wide line of finish along one wall, with the grain of the wood. With the applicator at a slight angle, move the puddle line to the opposite wall, always maintaining a wet edge. At the end of each pass, make a smooth turn with the applicator and squeeze out excess finish with the grain next to the puddle line. Allow to dry thoroughly (minimum 2 - 3 hours between coats depending on conditions with a maximum of 24 hours). Abrade between coats if 24 hours has elapsed with a maroon top scrub pad or 150 grit screen. Apply 1 - 2 coats minimum. Allow light traffic after 24 hours, however, it is susceptible to scuffing and marring.

NOTE: Allow adequate ventilation. Circulate air above the floor. Allow adequate airflow for at least 24 hours after final coat is applied. Use air conditioners and exhaust fans where available.

DAILY MAINTENANCE: Dust mop using water-based dust mop treatment (see product label for additional instructions). Dust mop as often as possible, at least once per day.

WEEKLY MAINTENANCE: Tack (deep clean) the floor using Betco's GT Cleaner (see product label for additional instructions). Tack frequently, but at least once a week.

Please recycle empty containers. NOTE: Slip resistance meets or exceeds (ASTM D 2047-11) James Machine 0.5 minimum.

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