FiberCAP™ 15 Carpet Machine

FiberCAP 15 Carpet Machine

The FiberCAP 15 is the most durable and effective machine for low moisture cleaning on the market, especially when coupled with Betco’s winning encapsulation carpet care product, FiberCAP MP™. With the dual brush action of the FiberCAP 15, and unique crystallization chemistry of FiberCAP MP, users will lift, agitate, and capture deeply embedded carpet soils more effectively, and enjoy cleaner carpet surfaces for longer periods of time.


Twin Cylindrical Brushes

All Metal Construction

1 HP Brush Motor

Gear Drive Transmission

Storage & Transport Trolley Included

Multiple Brush Options (Add on)

Sweeping Side Bins (Add on)

Tech Specs
Brush Motor 1.0 HP
Brush Speed 380 RPM
Clean Path 15”
Construction All Metal
Height (No Trolley) 45.75
Height (With Trolley) 50.00”
Power Cord 50
Productivity 7,500 Square Feet/Hour
Directions for Use

As a first step, vacuum the carpet surface to remove dry soil. Spray FiberCap MP lightly onto carpet surface using pump sprayer, or similar device. Use the FiberCap 15 to agitate encapsulation product into carpet surface & lift carpet pile. To operate, plug FiberCap 15 into power source. Simply press the handle locking lever with your foot, and lower the handle to start the machine. Run machine over carpet pile in multiple directions to adequately agitate & lift carpet pile. As a final step, vacuum the carpet area once more to remove all remaining soils.

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