Carpet and upholstery shampoo

This product is a highly concentrated synergistic blend of detergents and solvents which instantly emulsify oily soil, loosen dirt and trap it for easy removal. This product produces a rich thick foam that releases soil from carpet fibers and traps it for quick easy removal. This unique low moisture foam is fast drying and insures against overwet carpet to allow traffic back on the carpet sooner.


Leaves no sticky residue

Fast drying - Low wetting for less down time. Leaves no sticky residue.

Traps soils in a hard powder for easy removal with simple vacuuming.

Tech Specs
Carpet wetting Minimal
Color Blue
Fragrance Pleasant
Fumes, vapors None
Hard water tolerance Excellent
Oil emulsification Very good
Optical brighteners No
pH in dilution 10.7
Spot removal Excellent
Warranty 2 years
Directions for Use

For use in cleaning all types of carpet (except 5th generation) or upholstery using rotary equipment, dry foam equipment, or manual shampooing. Remove furniture and vacuum. Always test first in an inconspicuous area. Apply a small amount, press with an absorbent, white cloth for 10 seconds and see if there has been any dye transfer. Do not continue if there is dye transfer. Spot clean upholstery and carpet to remove heavy stains. Corners should be precleaned with a hand brush using a dilution of 5 oz./gal. or 40 mL/L (1:24) with water.
Dilute the product according to the following:

ROTARY MACHINES: LIGHT SOIL: Dilute 2.5 oz./gal. or 20 mL/L (1:50) with water.
MEDIUM SOIL: Dilute 4 oz./gal. or 31 mL/L (1:32) with water.
HEAVY SOIL: Dilute 5 oz./gal. or 40 mL/L (1:24) with water.

DRY FOAM MACHINES: Dilute 5 oz./gal. or 40 mL/L (1:24) with water.

MANUAL SHAMPOOING: Dilute 8 oz./ gal. or 63 mL/L (1:16) with water.

UPHOLSTERY CLEANING: Dilute 8 oz./gal. or 63 mL/L, (1:16) with water. Brush damp pile or nap in one direction using a stiff bristle brush or pile lifter to permit fast, even drying. Allow carpeting to dry for several hours and vacuum thoroughly before replacing furniture. If furniture must be replaced before carpeting is dry, place protective plastic film or aluminum foil under legs of furniture. Please recycle empty containers.

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