Game Time Cleaner

Maintenance Cleaner for Wood Floors

Game Time Cleaner is tough on dirt and gentle on floors. Game Time Cleaner leaves no residue, will not haze sport finishes and should be used as a daily cleaner. Game Time Cleaner is also the final cleaning step in the TyKote System.


Cleans and removes abrasive soils.

Restores traction for sports floors.

Versatile - use for daily and periodic maintenance.

Leaves no residue.

Tech Specs
Color Aqua
Color Aqua Blue
Fragrance Characteristic
pH 7.0
Warranty 2 years
Directions for Use

For use as a top-scrub cleaner for wood floor coatings. Fill Autoscrubber or mop bucket from the FastDraw dispenser.

1. Soak several large towels or microfiber mop in the solution, making sure they are thoroughly wet.
2. Wring out the towels to remove excess moisture.
3. Wrap a towel around a push broom and tack the floor.

1. First tack the floor with microfibers to remove dust and debris.
2. Apply and immediately remove solution from the floor using the automatic scrubber and microfiber pads. No rinsing is required.

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