Green Earth® BioActive Solutions™ Grease Solv Solid Degreaser

Solid Industrial Degreaser
Featured on Betco’s new GeneSys™ Mid-Size Auto Scrubber, SoliChem™ Technology is the first on-board chemical dispenser system that uses solid chemicals. SoliChem™ delivers up to 80% lower daily cleaning costs than traditional liquid cleaners and one solid makes 350-gallons of cleaning solution.

Green Earth® BioActive Solutions™ Grease Solv Solid is an industrial degreaser that rivals traditional degreasers with the added benefit of microbes that aide in digesting organic material creating less issues downstream.

A high count non-pathogenic microbes for better cleaning

Microbial package that targets petroleum soils and other industrial organics

Where use: Industrial floor cleaning and degreasing

Contains aerobic and facultative anaerobic strains

Up to 80% lower cost versus traditional liquids

350 gallons of solution per solid

98% Reduction in Plastic Packaging

88% Reduction in Freight Weight

Tech Specs
Dissolve Rate (assumes in SoliChem Technology System) Approximately 350 gallons
Bacteria Count Approximately 200 CFU per gallon
Bacteria Type Non-pathogenic microbes
Foaming Low
Fragrance Rain Fresh
pH 9 - 10.5
Warranty 2 years
Directions for Use

Calculate your savings using the SoliChem™ Savings Calculator

Use only with Betco® GeneSys™ Mid Size Scrubber:
1. Lift the top cap from the SoliChem™ system, then remove the internal cage.
2. Unwrap a solid and insert it into the center of the cage.
3. Place the cage back into the unit.
4. Replace the system’s top cap and fill your auto scrubber with water only to begin cleaning.

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