Smart Valve Auto Citrus Bouquet Kit

Automated Water Conserving Urinal Kit

Betco’s SmartVALVE Auto® Combo Pack is a timed based flushing system that allows building owners and managers to have all the cost savings and environmental benefits of water free urinals without the significant up-front cost of tearing-out of existing urinals and the inconvenience caused tenants. A highly engineered deodorizing urinal screen controls odors between flush cycles.


Programmable Timed Flush System – 2, 4, 6 or 8 hour cycle

Manual flush override for cleaning professionals

Two fragrance options: Ocean Breeze, Citrus Bouquet

Bio-Active Enzymes – cleans and fights odor causing bacteria with use

Non-Para Block – meets VOC requirements

2400 Uses – Long Lasting

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