Spray and Foam Dispenser

Spray and Foam Dispenser that degreases and sanitizes

A heavy-duty, dilution accurate Spray and Foam Dispenser ideal for cleaning and sanitizing grocery store meat rooms; food prep, processing, and packaging areas; plus anywhere large surface cleaning, sanitizing, or disinfecting is needed.


Made of durable stainless steel

2 product diluting: degreaser and sanitizer

Single control knob eliminates user mistakes and safeguards against inaccurate dilutions

Comes complete with 25 ft. hose, spray gun, and foam wand. No separate attachments needed

6 gallons-per-minute rinse flow rate

Directions for Use

1) Make sure any electrical equipment in the area is uplugged. 2) Put on propper PPE, gloves and safety goggles. 3) Select “wash” cycle on dispenser dial. Generously apply spray foam detergent throughout area 4) Allow detergent to sit for 1 - 3 minutes 5) Select “rinse” cycle on dispenser dial. Thoroughly rinse detergent and soils with fresh water. Note: At the beginning you will see a residual of detergent. 6) Select “sanitize” cycle on dispenser dial. Generously apply sanitizer throughout areaa Note: DO NOT wipe dry. Let sanitizer air dry.

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