StreetShoe® NXT Wood Floor Finish

Water-Based High Traffic Wood Floor Finish

StreetShoe® NXT is the fastest curing finish on the market today and an industry benchmark for waterbased finishes. StreetShoe NXT provides a clear finish that is unmatched in performance and durability. StreetShoe NXT also contains UV inhibitors to protect against harmful rays from the sun.


Fast curing - "Coat Today, Play Tomorrow"

Fast Drying - 2-3 hours

The industry standard for durability

High Gloss

UV inhibitor

Tech Specs
Color Crystal Clear
Coverage 500-750 sq. ft./gal
Dry time 2-3 hrs. between coats
Pot life 24 hrs.
VOC <275 g/l
Defoaming Excellent
Leveling Excellent
Chemical Resistance Excellent
Odor Mild
Clean Up Water
Slip Resistance Meets/Exceeds ASTM D-2047
Warranty 1 year
Directions for Use

PREPARATION: FOR NEW OR SANDED FLOORS: Prepare the floor using accepted NWFA or MFMA procedures. Vacuum all dust and tack with cotton towel. All residue must be removed. Apply water-based wood sealer following Betco Waterbased Wood Floor Coating Application Procedures.

FOR SCREENING AND RECOATING: Always clean the floor prior to screening. Mix Squeaky Cleaner at 32 oz./gal. or 250 mL/L (1:4) with water and tack using a clean towel. Screen using new 100 or 120 grit screens or higher, vacuum and tack using a water moistened cotton towel.

APPLICATION: While stirring product, add catalyst slowly and continue mixing for 30 seconds. Mix thoroughly and let stand for 10 minutes. Once catalyzed, pot life is 24 hours. Apply at 500 - 700 sq.ft./gal. Pour finish into a clean, dry, plastic pour can. Pour a 4-inch wide line of finish along one wall with the grain of the wood. With applicator at a slight angle, move the puddle line to the opposite wall, always maintaining a wet edge. At the end of each pass, make a smooth turn with the applicator and squeeze out excess finish with the grain next to the puddle line. Allow to dry thoroughly (minimum 3 hours between coats depending on conditions with a maximum of 24 hours). Abrade between coats if 24 hours has elapsed with a maroon top scrub pad or high grit or used screen. Apply 2 coats minimum. Allow light traffic after 24 hours, however, it is susceptible to scuffing and marring.

Please recycle empty containers. NOTE: Allow adequate ventilation. Circulate air above the floor. Allow adequate airflow for at least 24 hours after final coat is applied. Use air conditioners and exhaust fans where available. NOTE: Slip resistance meets or exceeds (ASTM D 2047-11) James Machine 0.5 minimum.

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