Waterless Cleaner

This waterless cleaner is specially formulated for safe cleaning of wood surfaces and wood floors. It is not a dust mop treatment but rather a cleaner that will thoroughly clean wood surfaces without the use of damaging soaps or detergents.


Cleans and restores traction.

For use on all oil-modified coatings.

Leaves no residue.

Tech Specs
Acids or alkali None
Color Water white
Corrosion None
Dielectric constant High
Flash Point 120° F
Fragrance Characteristic solvent
K.B. Value 57
Moisture content 0.0001% maximum
Shelf life 1 year
Specific gravity 0.76
Directions for Use

For use in cleaning all wood surfaces coated with an oil-modified urethane finish including gymnasiums, parquet, maple and oak. May be harmful to some plastics, gaskets, squeegees and painted surfaces. Use straight, do not dilute with anything. This product can be used for clean-up when coating wood floors with solvent-based coatings. This product can also be used for periodic tacking of the floor with solvent-base products. Tacking is the quickest and most efficient way to clean a floor. Use clean towels when tacking.
NOTE: Do not over use when tacking. Solvent must be used cold! Do not heat! Keep away from sparks and fire. Use with adequate ventilation. Rinse empty container before discarding.

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