Smart Restroom System
Reduce operating expense and conserving natural resources.


Betco’s Smart Restroom System provides a comprehensive solution to building owners, managers and facility management to reduce operating cost.

This system meets the growing water conservation trend in environmental responsibility for LEED and BOMA 360 certified properties.

  • Reduced operating cost through reduced water consumption
  • Improve tenant satisfaction through clean and hygienic restroom
  • Easy to maintain and easy to clean
Reduce operating costs

The best water conserving urinals are the urinals you already have!

  • SmartValve® saves $200-$600 per urinal per year.
  • SmartScreen® is a fragrance impregnated screen with a bio-active enzymatic block to control odors and maintain drain lines.
  • Easier to maintain than water free urinals because the water source is still available for cleaning and there are no bio-hazard cartridges to replace.
Water conservation testimonials 

The Institute of Sustainability (TIOS) supports Betco's groundbreaking SmartValve® on Fox News.


"The Smart Restroom System contributed towards earning LEED points and we are on track to save in excess of 2.5 million gallons of water this year, and would definitely recommend this system as a valuable addition to your water conservation efforts."

“Our initial cost savings was based on only 70 urinals which showed us a water savings of 1,510,000 gallons a year. We feel this is a very good sustainability program for our facility.”



"We are saving over two million (2,000,000) gallons of water per year currently. When we install the valves system wide, our annual water savings will be in excess of fifteen million (15,000,000) gallons with annual water spend savings of $130,000"
Calculate your savings

Analyze your restroom's current use of water and the savings that you will receive from the Betco® Smart Restroom System.

Whether you use the SmartValve® Auto or Manual, the savings are huge!



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