Odor Elimination
Proprietary Technology
SenTec™ is a dual malodor counteractant program based upon proprietary technology. The spirit of the program is to “Bring The Outdoors In,” while also eliminating odors throughout your entire facility instead of covering them up.

  • Providing a true odor elimination technology – the complete transformation of the odor causing molecules.
  • Scientifically designed by capturing actual outdoor scents - proven to enhance our positive subconscious attitude.
  • Delivering a multi - faceted product, in which regardless of the odor, it would be effective.
SenTec Technology

Over the past 20 months, extensive testing has concluded that the “market” today:

  • Wants to smell a freshness that is associated with the outdoors.
  • Gave higher ratings to smells which they are able to identify correctly.
  • Pleasant fragrance delivers a sense of calm, well-being and increase alertness.
Our Science

How far do you want to bring the outdoors in?

  • The most important goal was to develop a unique counteractant technology ... completely transforming the odor causing molecule. In turn, eliminating the odor from returning.
  • Second was to deliver a multi-faceted product that really works.
  • Third, develop a unique outdoor sensory experience to trigger a positive response to facility occupants and employees.
  • Developed for multiple delivery systems in a vast offering of products. A good malodor strategy addresses every aspect of a facility.


Sensory Effects

Fragrance has a powerful effect on human behavior. Our sense of smell can evoke strong emotional reactions and behaviors. Pleasant fragrance can make us feel at home, brighten our moods, deliver a sense of calm and well-being, or increase alertness. 

Odors, good or bad shape the perception of the facilities cleanliness and have a negative effect on the whole facility… including productivity and mood, resulting in a negative impact on the bottom line.

  • Research from Harvard Business School found that reviews can have a five to nine percent effect on business revenues...bad reviews can translate to lower profits.
  • Scents have positive effects on physical and cognitive performance.
  • Two-thirds of American consumers refuse to patronize businesses with unclean restrooms.
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