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At Betco®, being environmentally responsible is a company standard. We are committed to developing products, programs and procedures that meet or exceed health and environmental standards while providing cost effective benefits to accomplish your maintenance goals.

  • Sustainable Chemistry
  • Sustainable Manufacturing
  • Sustainable Packaging  
  • Sustainable Dilution Control Systems
  • Sustainable Training

Green Cleaning: Journey


Go Green

How do I start?  It’s easy; start out small, every little bit can help.

  • Save Energy – turning off lights; cleaning with cool water
  • Save Water – microfiber products;  turn off dripping faucets
  • Supplies –  use concentrated chemicals vs. RTU; sustainable paper and plastic products
  • Waste – recycling program for consumables
  • Day Cleaning

Sustainability Statement

Sustainability is not just a word.

Betco’s dedication to promoting environmental, sustainability efforts and green practical solutions started in 1990 with our Green Earth® dilution control and chemical program. Over the years, Betco® continues to expand our Green Earth® brand of chemicals, equipment and procedures with sustainable efforts in three specific areas commonly called the “triple bottom line”. 

Economic growth – we strive to provide cost effective products and programs for our customers while continuing to invest in the growth of our personnel.

Environment protection – we strive to lessen the impact on the environment in the short and long-term while operating in an environmentally responsible manner, taking steps to reduce both Betco’s and our customer’s carbon footprint, consuming less energy, using fewer nonrenewable resources and producing less waste.

Social responsibility – we strive to continually enhance work place and community safety  while lessening the impact on the environment.


Are the products sustainable?

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The public expectations for sanitation and health concerns have changed the priorities of our industry. Sustainable cleaning can be intelligent cleaning. Conventional cleaning is not bad but Green or Sustainable cleaning is better for people, profit and the planet. 

We are committed to developing products, programs and procedures. Third party certification organization standards and our Green Earth® brand that meet or exceed generally accepted environmental criteria.


Implement your green program

We know what it takes to implement a successful green cleaning program and this interactive guide shows you how in six simple steps. 
  1. Commitment 
  2. Develop a green team
  3. Benchmarking 
  4. Communication plan 
  5. Pilot plan
  6. Monitor results

Sustainable:  Solutions and Products

Innovation does not happen in a “vacuum”. It only happens when we listen to our customers and vendor partners and then leverage our recognized and proven ability to develop breakthrough sustainable solutions.