Betco U Certification Program

The Betco U Certification Program assists you in creating a standard cleaning program. The training consists of videos and exams for everything from disinfection to floor care to green cleaning, LEED Certifications and OSHA requirements. You'll have access to the workbooks, and training videos for each training module on-line. Get certified. Take an online training course; each module is approved and certified by the International Executive Housekeeping Association. Betco certifies each of your employees who complete the modules with a signed certificate.

A new training resource is now available on demand... recorded seminars will discuss valuable industry topics to help keep you up-to-date on trends and to advance your professional career. The seminars will cover such industry topics as sustainability, newer cleaning methods to increase productivity, chemical and equipment innovations, regulatory topics, the “science of clean”, specific market segment news and many others. The recordings will run 20-30 minutes and will include PowerPoint presentations, videos, guest speakers and other Betco training tools.