Betco U Online

The Betco® U Certification Program assists in creating a standard program to enhance results and safety. This training program consists of topics from disinfection and floor care to green cleaning and satisfying OSHA requirements.

Receive access to interactive learning modules, videos and support materials online for download. Many of the training modules will earn International Executive Housekeeping Association CEU points. Betco certifies each student who completes the modules with a signed certificate.

Available Betco U online courses:

Cleaning Professional Courses

  1. Cleaning Professional Courses

Sales Professional Courses**

  1. Sales Professional Courses**

Betco U on-site

Betco® U provides hands-on training sessions with experienced Jan San professionals to allow new employees to gain a full understanding of their role in the industry.

Available Betco U on-site courses:

New DSR Training covers an introduction to the Jan San industry focusing on floor care, dilution control, skin care, equipment, tools and resources for new sales professionals. On top of product and equipment training, this course includes basic selling techniques.

Betco Equipment Technician Training delivers a comprehensive look at Betco’s cleaning and maintenance equipment line and teaches machine operation, troubleshooting techniques, component replacement and equipment repair. The equipment technician training also includes an extra day of training for propane certification.

SYMPLICITY™ Technician Training equips the experienced technician with the knowledge of the SYMPLICITY™ product line including product selection, dilutions, dispensers and applications. Additionally, students will learn about territory management, service protocols and basic troubleshooting.

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