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Total Training Solutions Bundle

We offer solutions to meet the needs of every cleaning professional as they seek to improve their skills and knowledge.

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E-Learning Courses

Our courses have tools for every learning style—including video and interactive exercises. Simple, easy to follow learning modules walk you through everything you need to know about a variety of topics.

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Cleaning Professional Certification

Earn a recognized certification from Betco! You can enhance your expertise at by taking deep dive into specific product categories or vertical markets with classroom and hands-on training at Betco HQ.

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Hands-On Training at Your Location

Betco will develop a personalized curriculum and teach it at your facility. With 100+ representatives across North America, trainers can come wherever needed at any time of day or night.

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Facility Resource Management

Cloud-based software to educate, organize and evaluate your team’s performance.

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Video Library

Over 200 videos highlighting product and equipment details and safety and training procedures.

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iBet® Mobile App

On the go access to a multitude of useful and informative resources.


Benefits of Effective Training


Boost efficiency by 218% with knowledge and skills to excel in terms of quality and productivity.

Labor Retention

Job-related training and development influences 70% of employees when deciding whether to stay or go.


With training, 77% of employees hit first performance milestones, compared to below 50% without.


Exposure to the same training leads to use of the same procedures, creating process and outcome uniformity.

Employee Engagement

Trained employees are engaged employees, who outperform their non-engaged peers by up to 202%.

Reduced Waste

Training teaches economical, responsible, and safe use of chemicals, equipment, and other supplies.


OSHA requires training and violations can lead to legal problems and serious fines up to $136,532 each.


Cleaners have the 9th highest rate of injury requiring days away from work, and prevention starts with education.

Increased Building Management and Occupant Satisfaction

Consistent, high-quality outcomes, create better perceptions about the space and cleaning services.