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NEW Self-Contained Hand Sanitizer: Overcome Dispenser Challenges

Jul 13, 2020

Countless facilities, particularly schools, are required to make sanitizer available in every room. In the face of a dwindling dispenser supply, ensure these mandates can be met with NEW Foaming Alcohol Hand Sanitizer.

You WILL miss out if you don't pre-order this product NOW.

• Availability: Don't wait for dispensers that will not come. Betco® is ready to ship 600,000 bottles of this dispenser-less sanitizer in the next 30 days.
• Premium formulation: The richest, most luxurious foam on the market, repeated use leaves skin feeling better, not worse.
• USA-made quality: Give peace of mind with a product made in the USA with safe, well-regulated ingredients.

Shipping July 27, this stand-alone product is available in:

• 24 - 7 oz. Aerosol Cans
• 80 cases/pallet

Click here to learn more about Foaming Alcohol Hand Sanitizer, and click here to pre-order today, before it's too late!