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The Next Generation Floor Scrubber

50% More Down Pressure and 33% More Horsepower

Save on Floor Stripping With a GeneSys 28-Inch Orbital

Enter the square footage of your floor and labor rate to find out how much you can save.

GeneSys Features

SoliChem™ Technology

The FIRST-EVER on-board chemical dispensing system that utilizes chemical solids, resulting in:

  • Up to 80% lower daily chemical
  • One solid makes ~350 gallons of solution / 14 tanks / 5-7 days
  • Sensor notifies operator when solid is dissolved and needs a new one installed
  • Alleviation of mixing hassles and waste
  • Increased sustainability with less water and packaging

Calculate Cost Savings with SoliChem

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EfficiencyIQ™ Program

EfficiencyIQ™, standard with the Touch Encoder control option, automatically selects the most efficient settings for your job. Enter the square footage and floor type, and the machine selects the settings.

Fortify® Asset Protection/Management

Fortify® is a suite of seven features and technologies that reduces the cost of ownership while extending machine life.

  • Wet Battery Protection System
  • Tank Defoaming System
  • Armor™ Telemetry
  • Programmable Timer Lock-out
  • Supervisor Lock-out (with Touch Encoder)
  • 3-gallon Foam Demisting Chamber
  • Scrub Deck Service Panel

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