Clean faster with less effort and cost.


Betco® is pleased to introduce the new GeneSys­™ Mid-Size Scrubber Series — designed, developed, and assembled at our new headquarters in Bowling Green, Ohio.

This next generation of auto scrubbers has been co-developed with industry experts, and each detail has been scrutinized for an unparalleled customer experience.

  • Complete cleaning and project work at staggering speeds with best-in-class performance specifications.
  • New-to-the-world technologies offer previously unimaginable ease and cost-efficiency.
Your toughest jobs: Done

Clean Faster with Less Effort and Cost. Boasting best-in-class performance specifications, the GeneSys Mid-Size Scrubber has power to spare for even the toughest jobs.

  • 50% more down pressure*
  • 33% more horsepower*
  • Available in 26-, 28-, and 32-inch disk and 28-inch orbital
*versus the leading competitor

  • SoliChem™ Technology
  • Touch Encoder with EfficiencyIQ™
  • Fortify™ Asset Protection/Management Suite

The FIRST-EVER on-board chemical dispensing system that utilizes chemical solids, resulting in:

  • Up to 80% lower daily chemical
  • One solid makes ~350 gallons of solution / 14 tanks / 5-7 days
  • Sensor notifies operator when solid is dissolved and needs a new one installed
  • Alleviation of mixing hassles and waste
  • Increased sustainability with less water and packaging
EfficiencyIQ™ Program

Ever wonder how to ensure you are getting the best clean while maximizing productivity?

Never wonder again. EfficiencyIQ™, standard with the Touch Encoder control option, automatically selects the most efficient settings for your job. Enter the square footage and floor type, and the machine selects the settings.

It truly is genius.



Fortify™ Asset Protection/Management


Fortify™ is a suite of seven features and technologies that reduces the cost of ownership while extending machine life.

  • Wet Battery Protection System
  • Tank Defoaming System
  • Armor™ Telemetry
  • Programmable Timer Lock-out
  • Supervisor Lock-out (with Touch Encoder)
  • 3-gallon Foam Demisting Chamber
  • Scrub Deck Service Panel
Equipment Innovations

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