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The Next Generation of Cleaning Systems

  • Best-in-Class Performance Specifications
  • Smart, Problem-Solving Technologies

Clean Faster with Less Effort and Cost


GeneSys Mid-Size 

  • 33% more horsepower*
  • 36% more RPMs*
  • 50% more down pressure*



GeneSys 20 

  • 25% more horsepower*
  • 50% more down pressure**

*Versus leading disk scrubber competitor
**Versus leading disk and orbital scrubber competitors

Save on Floor Stripping with a GeneSys Orbital

Select machine size, then enter square footage of the floor and labor rate to find out how much you can save.


20 Inch Scrubber

28 Inch Scrubber

Smart Features for a More Efficient Operation

SoliChem Technology

The FIRST-EVER on-board chemical dispensing system that utilizes chemical solids, resulting in:

  • Up to 80% lower daily chemical
  • One solid makes ~350 gallons of solution / 14 tanks / 5-7 days
  • Sensor notifies operator when solid is dissolved and needs a new one installed
  • Alleviation of mixing hassles and waste
  • Increased sustainability with less water and packaging

Calculate Cost Savings with SoliChem

Download the SoliChem Sell Sheet

Fortify® Asset Protection/Management

Fortify® is a suite of features and technologies that reduces the cost of ownership while extending machine life.

  • Wet Battery Protection System
  • Tank Defoaming System
  • Armor™** Telemetry
  • Programmable Timer Lock-out
  • Foam Demisting Chamber
  • Scrub Deck Service Panel
  • 10 / 3 / 3 Warranty

Airoflex®* Advanced Squeegee

GeneSys scrubbers are the first to include as a standard feature the most advanced squeegee on the market, Airoflex®*.

  • Specialized blade
  • 40% higher vacuum performance
  • Drier and safer floor

Best Drying Performance!

*Airoflex® is a registered trademark of the Midwest Rubber Company
**Armor™ is a trademark of USA Clean

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