Dilution Control
Flexible. Accurate. Safe.


Every facility is different and has their own unique challenges to provide proper sanitary maintenance and cleaning.

Single or multiple product, wall mounted or portable, water access or not, Betco® has a dilution control system that is right for you.

  • Built in metering tips for trouble free dispensing.
  • Ensure cleaning consistency with color coded liquid and labels.
  • 30+ cleaning solutions for reduced cost and improved performance.
FastDraw® System

The Most Innovative, Simple and Versatile Dilution Control Systems

  • Over 30 different cleaning products to meet a wide range of facility cleaning needs.
  • The FastDraw® bottle design fits all dispensing systems for simplifying training and use.
One bottle for all systems


Spill Proof Design

  • Eliminates the potential for chemical contact with the cleaning staff.


High or Low Flow

  • Intuitive icons eliminate guesswork for filling spray bottles, mop buckets or automatic scrubbers.


Color Coded Bottles

  • Number and color coded for easy selection and training.


Metering Insert

  • Pre-metered insert eliminates guesswork for accurate chemical dilution.
  • Utilizes 2 metered tips for low and high flow dilution.
Dispensing Systems

When cleaning chemicals are not accurately diluted, it’s like pouring money down the drain. 


Training Solutions

Simplify your training to ensure best practices and consistent results. 

Customizable Wall Chart and Task Card Programs
  • Includes custom wall charts and task cards.
  • Easy to create with intuitive icons and graphic images.
  • Can be customized for your unique facility.
  • Available in English, Spanish and French.


Simple Systems
  • Number and color coded bottles for easy chemical selection.
  • Intuitive icons eliminate guess work.
  • Built in metering inserts ensure accurate dilutions.