EnviroZyme® Probiotic Solutions

Micro Cleaners. Major Impact.

Biology Provides a Better Way

We’re partnering with nature to replace the thousands of harmful chemicals released into the environment every day with a single cell in a fermentation tank, all while delivering clear performance, cost, and environmental benefits for our customers.

  • Continuous cleaning long after initial application provides a better value
  • Soils do not build up, making surfaces easier and faster to clean
  • Prevent buildup of fat, oil, and grease in facility plumbing and septic and sewer systems
  • Eliminate malodors at their source versus covering them up temporarily
  • Better for the end user and the planet compared to traditional cleaning chemicals


We Grow It, So We Know It

Betco is the only chemical manufacturer to ferment our own beneficial bacteria to produce targeted probiotic cleaning solutions. Unlike manufacturers who purchase generalized bacterial strains and use them in every product, we are able to highly specialize our solutions for superior performance.

  • We carefully select strains based on their efficacy against specific soils
  • Proprietary nutrient packages boost probiotic growth for better results faster
  • Our probiotics are proven to continue working for 21 days post-application
  • Options include powders in water-soluble pouches, extruded solids, and liquids

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    The Science Behind Probiotic Cleaning

    Probiotics are a type of bacteria that do not cause illness, but provide benefits, like aiding with digestion and immunity.  As a cleaning technology, probiotics remove all types of organic soils by consuming them.

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    Applications and Products

    Commercial cleaning habits are changing, and biology offers a better way to remove fats, oils, greases, and petroleum soils.
    Select each application type to learn more and receive product recommendations.



    Probiotics prevent clogs, reduce odor, and extend the life of the drain area. Though exact prices depend on severity, the average cost to clean a clogged drain is $130–$180, and a main sewer clog can cost up to $800 to unclog. Clogs can also necessitate additional plumbing repairs, and removing and replacing old pipes can cost upwards of several thousand dollars.

    Recommended Products



    Floors are the collection area for most soils and need to be clean to prevent buildup and increase safety. Probiotics used to clean floors will reduce slips/falls and continue to work when washed down the drain, digesting organics as they flow through the pipes. Across all industries, slips and falls are the second most common form of injuries, causing workers to miss an average of 38 workdays per year. They account for 36% of emergency room visits and 65% of lost workdays.

    Recommended Products


    Loading Docks

    Loading docks and platforms are subject to high traffic and heavy industrial loads, often leaving heavy grease and thick soil behind. Probiotics target petroleum residue and other industrial organics to reduce malodors and greasy films on cement, including loading docks and platforms, increasing worker safety and general facility cleanliness.

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    Commercial dumpsters are a breeding ground for foul smells. Excessive malodors invite unwanted pests, become a public nuisance, and lead to poor facility impressions and experiences. Probiotics provide long-term odor control for dumpsters, working long after application to control and reduce unpleasant odors. Eliminate dumpster odors at the source, armed with the proper equipment and products to treat your facility.

    Recommended Products


    Tile and Grout

    Probiotics will clean tile and grout walls and floors, which—due to porosity—are often dirty and soiled with urine, soap scum, stains, etc., especially around toilets and urinals and in shower areas. By digesting the source of malodors, probiotics provide complete odor control, and they continue to clean below the surface for up to 21 days.

    Recommended Products


    Grease Traps

    Grease traps (interceptors) separate FOG from effluent so coagulated fats can be cordoned off and collected. The disposal of these elements can create issues as these substances can clog and damage building drains and pipes, septic systems, and municipal sewer systems. Poorly maintained grease traps can also run off and cause pollution if too full. Probiotics will reduce the frequency of pump outs—which average from $175–$475, $1,500 for poorly maintained traps, and several thousands of dollars for emergency situations. Probiotics also help eliminate FOG exceedance surcharges—which can reach thousands in a matter of days depending on municipality, as well as neutralize malodors.

    Recommended Products


    Beverage Tower Trays

    Beverage tower trays collect excess runoff from drinks that are filled from a beverage tower. Probiotics can prevent common beverage tower tray problems, including the formulation of sugar snakes, controlling odors, and helping unclog blocked lines. 

    Recommended Product


    Garbage Disposals

    Probiotics will prevent downstream clogging and leave commercial kitchen sinks clean, odor-free, and running smoothly. They degrade and digest buildup and food soils, solubilizing FOGs on tough-to-reach sidewalls, blades, and pipes. Probiotics also mitigate drain flies by eliminating their food source.

    Recommended Product



    Probiotics degrade uric acid, which is the leading cause of scaling. Often unnoticed until the buildup is severe enough to cause issues, scaling impedes urinal flow, blocks pipes, and results in unpleasant appearance and odors. In extreme cases, scaling can even require costly infrastructure replacement.

    Recommended Products


    Portable Toilets

    Portable toilets present unique cleaning challenges: a foul-smelling waste tank in an enclosed area, high traffic with frequent use, costly dumping fees, and strong odors that attract unwanted pests. Rather than using harmful carcinogenic chemicals like formaldehyde to control the smell, introduce eco-friendly probiotics. Targeted probiotic formulas continue digesting solids and paper for extended periods of time, which reduces dumping fees for sanitation companies due to diminished tank contents. Additionally, probiotics consume the source of malodors, leaving behind a pleasant fragrance. Probiotics are the better way to clean and maintain portable toilets.

    Recommended Products

    Push® Now Available in 3 Great Fragrances

    Push® is the one-product solution effective for use on any hard surface, drain maintenance, carpet stain removal, and odor mitigation. Repeated applications will result in a natural, continuous, do-it-all clean. Now, this flagship probiotic cleaning solution is available in Classic Mint, Lemon & Sage, and Mango fragrances!

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    Push Varianets

     Probiotic Application

    Learn from Betco's experts.

    Probiotic Solutions How-To Videos

    E-Learning Courses

    Introduction to Probiotic Solutions    

    Delve into the science of probiotic cleaning to discover how these solutions work, as well as the features and benefits they provide across major application types.

    Probiotic Solutions for Food Service

    Learn about FOG and its impact in the food service industry, including ramifications of poor asset management. This course also covers specific kitchen applications.

    Selling Skills Development: How to Sell Probiotic Solutions

    Developed for sales representatives, this course covers prospecting best practices and conversation starters. Learn to construct your elevator speech and overcome common objections.