BioActive Solutions™

Bugs that work for you.
Continuous Cleaning

BioActive Solutions™ are a blend of microbial species that naturally stimulate enzymes for a noticeable, long lasting clean.

Safer and efficient cleaning chemicals formulated with strains of non-pathogenic microbes to create enzymes that digest fats, oils, & greases (FOGs) found in many applications.

BioActive Solutions™ products continue to breakdown organic matter long after the application.

What are BioActive Solutions™?

Microbes that continues to work for you!

BioActive Solutions™ are safer and efficient cleaning chemicals formulated with strains of non-pathogenic microbes that naturally create enzymes, to digest FOGs (fats, oils, & greases) providing a long lasting result!

How does it work?
Microbes are living cells that have the capability of consuming organic waste.
Enzymes are essential in the breakdown of organic waste and prepare the waste for bacteria to digest.
Microbes continue to work as long as there is a food source. 
BioActive Solutions™


Microbes specifically formulated to breakdown the organic soils, fats, oils and grease commonly associated with build-ups.


  • Reduces malodors in restrooms
  • Great use for FOG’s present in cafeterias


  • Reduce the amount of slip and fall accidents
  • Saves money by extended grease trap and septic cleanouts


  • Degreaser geared for petroleum soils and other industrial organics
  • Downstream advantages


  • Reduces malodors in restrooms
  • Minimize slip and fall concerns
Where to use?

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