Crete Rx™
Prescribing Excellence in Cementitious Floor Maintenance
Newly revamped, Crete Rx™ now offers two comprehensive solutions for concrete and terrazzo floors: Cleaning and Coating and Honing and Polishing.

With the flexibility to choose the best system for your facility, Crete Rx is more convenient than ever but delivers the same glossy results.

  • New and improved products for superior protection and appearance
  • Streamlined product offering for a simpler program
  • More accessible route to maintenance with new non-polishing prescription

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NEW Cleaning & Coating System

Quickly transform and easily maintain your concrete or terrazzo surfaces with Crete Rx's Cleaning and Coating system, driven by a strip and recoat cycle similar to resilient tile.

  • Provides substantial stain and etch protection with less intensive labor
  • Improves gloss on pre-polished, non-polished, or previously coated floors
  • Reduces and simplifies training with familiar procedures and minimal equipment


Cleaning & Coating's Dynamic Duo


Water-Based Concrete Guard

New and improved LiquiShield dramatically improves gloss while adding a protective barrier against stain and etch that will not peel, flake, or discolor.

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Stripper for Permanent Coatings

LiquiStrip utilizes powerful solvents to fully remove permanent, non-strippable guards and coatings without the use of diamond tooling.

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Honing & Polishing System

Innovative processes seamlessly integrate state-of-the-art chemicals, pads, and tools to create superior natural-looking gloss in fewer steps than similar programs. 

  • Results last up to 5 years before interim maintenance and up to 10 before restorative
  • Provides complete remediation of staining and etching in problem areas
  • Advanced technology repairs and continually strengthens floor surfaces


Honing & Polishing Product Spotlight


Cleaner with Densifier



Sealant-Infused Pads



Honing Compound



Densifying Compound



Penetrating Sealer


Crete Rx™ Transformation

Whether Cleaning and Coating or Honing and Polishing your facility's floors, Crete Rx™ brings the brilliance back to dull surfaces. 


Hear From Industry Experts

These professionals and their administrators have discovered the benefits of moving away from carpet and VCT and embracing polished concrete. 

  • Lower your maintenance costs
  • Achieve a trendy look that lasts

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This highly engaging e-learning course is designed to empower our customers with the knowledge and skills needed to effectively care for their concrete and terrazzo surfaces. Now available on MyBetco!

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