One wash. Clean performance.

the value
of your operation

With Symplicity™ Warewashing Program, we concentrate on your cleaning needs so you can focus on your customer’s needs!

  • CLEAN – Premium products and programs uniquely designed to deliver one wash clean performance.
  • SAFE – Many products are low environmental impact products and feature “no-contact” SureConnect dispensing. 
  • SIMPLE – Our expert personnel provide support materials and continuous employee training to keep your operation running smoothly. Streamlined product offering reduces inventory costs and simplifies the reordering process.
Symplicity:  Warewashing
Easy to use, color-coded closed loop dispensing system offers performance, safety, environmental and cost-saving benefits.
  • Cost Savings – super-concentrated products 

  • Accurate Dispensing – eliminates waste and employee guesswork

  • Closed Loop Dispensing – prevents spills and chemical contact

  • Simplified Training – color coded to prevent product misapplications

  • Environmentally Friendly – prevents accidental spills

Simple and Safe

The clean you need and expect.

Betco's comprehensive and customized training tools build a consistent cleaning program and ensure the correct products are safely used.
  • Wall Charts available from pre-soak to cleaning the dish machine
  • Procedure charts to ensure proper flow of dish room
  • Operational charts reduce dish breakage
Clean. Safe. Simple

Formulations were developed using two guiding principles

  1. Provide the lowest possible end-use cost.
  2. Meet or exceed federal and state sustainability guidelines and regulations.


One pass cleaning

Products are uniquely designed to deliver superior performance with a comprehensive sustainable product line.  All products meet or exceed federal and state sustainability guidelines and regulations without degrading performance.



A closed loop system prevents exposure to chemicals and accidental spills.

  • Increases employee safety
  • Improves cleaning reliability
  • Lowers service costs
  • Reduces employee training



Comprehensive assessment tools

  • Comprehensive online training program 
  • Expert field support
  • Network of technicians at your disposal
  • Survey assessment using QR codes
  • Bi-lingual wall charts
  • Onsite training facility


The Solid Advantage

Simply and Safely

Industry trends are heading toward a desire for better value, more sustainability, smaller pack sizes, and tighter budgets. Betco® is one of a very limited set of manufacturers to offer a solids warewashing offering. 

  • More concentrated – less frequent purchases
  • Better end-use cost
  • Safer – dosed through a closed system
  • Complete use of product – gravity dispensed
  • Smaller pack size/smaller inventories
  • Sustainable – less packaging and less waste