Dispensed Institutional Hand Hygiene

Clario® Dispensing Program

Our leading hand hygiene solution for over a decade, Clario® stretches budgets without sacrificing a safe and clean space.

  • Manual and Touch Free dispensers share a 1,000-mL refill for greater flexibility
  • Refills are factory sealed to eliminate contamination of bulk solutions
  • Reusable pump is built into the dispenser for cost efficiency over single-use pumps 
  • Each refill goes further with 98% evacuation and precise portion control
  • Versus rigid plastic, flexible refills minimize waste for savings and sustainability

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    When it comes to hand hygiene, the stakes are high, but costs shouldn't be! Learn where to buy Clario products today to start spending less while achieving safety goals.

    Save up to $120 on Refills per Dispenser Annually!


    Continuity of Supply Guarantee


    Why Betco

    • Pump and dispenser safety stock levels ensure availability independent of supply chain
    • All refill bag components are sourced domestically
    • Key refill components are dual sourced to ensure supply
    • Recent upsize to a 500,000 sq. ft., state-of-the-art facility
    • Ability to leverage excess capacity, including ramp up to 24/7 production

    Closed Sanitary Sealed System Versus Bulk Dispensing

    Why Ban Bulk?

    • Concentrations of bacteria found in bulk dispensers are higher than deemed safe
    • Using contaminated soap increases bacteria on hands
    • CDC recommends cleaning or sanitizing bulk dispensers every time they are refilled

    Clario refills are factory sealed and part of a closed system to prevent contamination.

    Clario vs Bulk

    Manual and Touch Free Skin Care Dispenser Options


    Benefits of Both

    • Available in black or white to suit any aesthetic
    • Keyed to protect against tampering or theft
    • Durable construction and easy-to-clean cover
    • 2-year warranty for customer peace of mind
    Hand Hygiene Brochure

    Benefits of Manual

    • Interchangeable liquid and foam pumps easily switched without removing dispenser from wall
    • ADA compliant to ensure accessibility
    • New sleek design and pure white color
    Manual Dispenser Guide

    Benefits of Touch Free 

    • 30% greater handwashing compliance
    • Remove germ-spreading high touch point
    • Battery life is double the leading brand 
    • Foam products last twice as long as liquid
    Touch Free Sell Sheet

    Customize with Your Logo

    Promote your brand by placing your logo on the Clario skin care dispensers in your facility! Our customers can now work directly with our label partner to secure custom, brand-building labels that have been tested and approved for durability and appearance.

    Download the Label Program Details

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    Soap Refills

    78129-00_300x300_main Green Earth® Foaming Skin Cleanser

    Luxurious Clario Foaming Skin Cleanser


    Green Earth® Clear Foaming Skin Cleanser

    Green Earth Clear Foaming Skin Cleanser (6 - 1000 mL Bags)


    Pink Foaming Skin Cleanser

    Ultra Mild Clario Foaming Skin Cleanser



    UltraBlue™ Antibacterial Foaming Skin Cleanser

    Premium Clario Antibacterial Foaming Skin Cleanser


    Foaming Antibacterial Skin Cleanser

    Foaming Antibacterial Skin Cleanser (6 - 1000 mL Bags)

    E2 Antibacterial Foaming Skin Cleanser

    Dye, Fragrance and Triclosan Free Clario Foaming Cleanser


    Foaming Hair and Body Shampoo

    Clean Rinsing, Fragrant Clario Foaming Skin Cleanser


    Green Earth® Lotion Skin Cleanser

    Luxurious Clario Lotion Skin Cleanser


    Antibacterial Lotion Skin Cleanser

    Pearlescent Clario Antibacterial Lotion Skin Cleanser with PCMX and Emollients


    Pink Lotion Skin Cleanser

    Ultra Mild Clario Lotion Skin Cleanser


    Lotion Hair and Body Shampoo

    Clean Rinsing, Lightly Fragranced Clario Hair and Body Shampoo


    Sanitizer Refills

    Sanitizer Refills

    Alcohol Free Foaming Hand Sanitizer


    Alcohol Free Foaming Hand Sanitizer

    Clario Alcohol Free Foaming Hand Sanitizer

    E3 Alcohol Free Foaming Sanitizer1

    E3 Alcohol Free Foaming Sanitizer

    Clario E3 Alcohol Free Foaming Sanitizer


    Advanced Alcohol Gel Sanitizer


    Advanced Alcohol Gel Sanitizer

    Fast Drying, Lightly Fragranced Clario Gel Sanitizer

    Advanced Alcohol Foaming Hand Sanitizer (CAN)


    Advanced Alcohol Foaming Hand Sanitizer (CAN)

    Advanced Alcohol Foaming Hand Sanitizer CAN