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Innovative Floor Care Products

Betco® has the answer to reduce labor costs, increase efficiency and optimize processes through innovative solutions.

  • Low maintenance solutions to drive out labor costs.
  • Formulations designed for performance and ease of use.
  • Sustainable solutions may mean different ways to look at the strip and recoat process. 

What Will Work on Your Floor?

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Life Cycle of Floor Care

Life Cycle of Floor Care


Routine Maintenance


Interim Maintenance


Restorative Maintenance

A properly maintained floor will reduce costly restoration.

  • Routine maintenance
    Maximum floor appearance is achieved when the floor coating is clean and smooth. Soils penetrate the protective coating and cause the film to become rough, less slip resistant and less reflective. Proper routine maintenance is required to maintain the desired appearance level of the floor and to extend the time between interim and restorative maintenance procedures.
  • Interim maintenance
    Interim maintenance, commonly called top scrub and re-coat, is employed when routine maintenance no longer produces the desired appearance levels, and if further deterioration occurred, the floor would require stripping. During the top scrub and re-coat process, the top, dirty layers of the floor finish are removed. Then two or more coats of finish are applied to restore the original shine of the floor.
  • Restorative maintenance
    Over time, traffic and soils take their toll on the finish. When routine and interim maintenance procedures no longer produce the desired results, a procedure known as stripping and refinishing is required. The stripping procedure involves the use of specially formulated floor strippers which emulsify the soiled layers of finish. The emulsified finish is then agitated and removed, leaving the floor surface clean, film free and ready for new layers of finish.

Protect and Impress with BetcoBest®

Requiring 40% less labor and half the coats of conventional finishes, BetcoBest® LM delivers efficient convenience. Use our calculator to evaluate the benefits and savings with Betco Best® LM.

BetcoBest LM Calculator

Try BetcoBest LM and Betco will guarantee a labor savings over your current conventional strip and finish labor costs. Fill in this calculator to see how much you can save!


Time and Labor Savings

* Results are based on a crew of 3 workers at 8 hours a day.

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If time and labor savings projections are not met, or if you are not 100% satisfied with the results, we'll supply an alternate Betco finish to provide 1 additional coat at no charge.

New Sustainable Bag-in-Box Packaging

Betco is transitioning from 5-gallon pails to new 5-gallon bag-in-box packaging! We're confident this change will contribute to a more greener world and allow us to better serve our customers with benefits like:

  • Sustainable Manufacturing - Bag-in-box uses less plastic and resources, cutting waste by 75%, greenhouse gases by 52%, and energy by 81%. 
  • Efficient Transportation - The rectangular shape is more compact for 70 more gallons per skid.
  • Storage Benefits - Bag-in-box has no dead space when stacked and cuts needed cubic feet by 39%.
  • Ease of Use - Spigots allow for quick and easy dispensing without heavy lifting, surging, or glugging.
Hard As Nails Bag in Box

Training Solutions

E-Learning Courses

Falls in the workplace are the number one preventable loss type, and public places are the leading site of injury. Know and understand slip fall prevention programs with just 1 of many floor-care-related courses.


Hands-On Training at Your Location

A local Betco® representative is well equipped to build a high standard floor care program for your facility, then train your staff on the proper processes and procedures with a personalized curriculum.


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