Meet Brian
Property Manager
Betco helped me increase tenant satisfaction while reducing operating costs.
We understand, profitability is very dependent on operations and effective customer service.

Let Betco's Property Management Program complement your strategies to increase tenant satisfaction and awareness.

  • Increase tenant wellness.
  • Provide innovative solutions that meet the high demands of your facility.
  • Deliver LEED or Well program with a simple training program.


Tenant Wellness

  • Health check your facility with science based tools and expert observation techniques
  • Verify effectiveness of reducing risk of high touch points, floor conditions, indoor air quality and noise level
  • Promote sustainable strategies that will assist in safety

Brand Trust & Safety

  • LEED and WELL program focused
  • Strategies to promote safety to tenants and employees
  • Simplified and repeatable training ensures predictable positive outcomes
  • Verified results to create a high level of trust and comfort


Sustainable Solutions

  • Utilize products that will not harm hard surfaces or appearance
  • Malodor control that quickly eliminates, challenges and increases positive sensory
  • Innovative products and procedures that reduce labor and frequency
  • Compliant products for easy use, safe handling and disposal

Long Lasting & Positive Impression

  • Reduced noise levels and interruption
  • Increased confidence in surface cleanliness
  • Visual difference that is consistent and safe
See for yourself
Innovation isn't a new direction for Betco, but a continuous commitment we've made to the market, our customers and ourselves.

Betco's Property Management Program was created by listening to property managers and owners and observing the needs of the industry.

  • Improve tenant satisfaction while managing your operating costs.
  • Utilize innovate products designed with sustainable solutions in mind.
  • Leverage simplified and repeatable training ensuring consistent results.
Drop the mop, ban the bucket

It’s time to drop the mop and ban the bucket! The MotoMop™ Small Area Cleaning Machine is the permanent replacement for your mop and bucket. Conquering the challenges of poor sanitation, low productivity, bad ergonomics and costly slips and falls, the MotoMop is the most important innovation in floor cleaning to date. Both versatile and compact, you can use the MotoMop in any business facility.

  • 360-degree motion
  • Non-degradable lithium-ion battery
  • Indicator lights: power, battery, solution
  • Adjustable handle for ergonomic support
  • Front-facing LED light
  • Cleans up to 7,320 sq. ft. per hour
Providing tenant satisfaction
Betco delivers the expertise to enhance your sustainability efforts, help manage your operating costs and increase tenant satisfaction with a holistic strategy.
  • Health check your facility with science based tools and expert observation techniques.
  • Strategies to promote safety to tenants and employees.
  • Innovative products and procedures that reduce labor and frequency.
  • Increased confidence in surface cleanliness, floor conditions and other high touch points.
Cleanliness is essential

Reduce your labor costs, increase efficiency and receive a complete custom program.



  • Areas
  • Office Space
  • Entry way / Lobby
  • Storage
  • Restrooms
  • Conference Room/Meeting Space
  • Hallways/Elevator Area
  • Break room
Delivering innovation