Certified. Tested. Proven.


At Betco®, being environmentally responsible is a company standard. We are committed to developing products, programs and procedures that meet or exceed health and environmental standards while performing equal to or better than conventional cleaning.

  • Certified: All sustainable products are third party or Green Earth certified.
  • Tested: All high-performing products are verified by internal or external testing.
  • Proven: Sustainable products have been part of successful programs for over 30 years – field tested.

Sustainable Commitment


New Sustainable Bag-in-Box Packaging
Hard As Nails Bag in Box
Betco is transitioning from 5-gallon pails to new 5-gallon bag-in-box packaging! We're confident this change will contribute to a more greener world and allow us to better serve our customers with benefits like:

  • Sustainable Manufacturing - Bag-in-box uses less plastic and resources, cutting waste by 75%, greenhouse gases by 52%, and energy by 81%. 
  • Efficient Transportation - The rectangular shape is more compact for 70 more gallons per skid.
  • Storage Benefits - Bag-in-box has no dead space when stacked and cuts needed cubic feet by 39%.
  • Ease of Use - Spigots allow for quick and easy dispensing without heavy lifting, surging, or glugging.
Looking Ahead, Everyday.

We are continually investing in to the future of clean. We recently completed a state-of–the-art manufacturing plant for the mixing and blending of bacterial strains that are custom formulated for our BioActive Solutions line.  Betco is the only manufacturer who blends their own bacterial strains onsite.

But we didn’t stop there; we designed all our facilities to help reduce the environmental impact of manufacturing and preserve natural resources.

Below are just a few highlights that we incorporate in all Betco manufacturing plants:

  • Wastewater Pre-Treatment – A commitment to ensure water is completely clear before discharging.
  • Electricity – Incorporation of smart LED lighting that shut off when rooms are not in use.
  • Air Quality – Dust collection system improves air our team members breathe when fine powders are being used in manufacturing and prevents emission of dust into the environment.
  • Conservation – Advanced piping clean-out system squeegees pipes between chemical production runs, saving fresh water and decreasing total solids in wastewater.
  • Recycling – Recycling centers throughout Betco’s plant encourage all employees to recycle.
  • Renewable Resources – We continually increase the use of renewable resources in all of our product packaging.
Third-Party Certification
All our sustainable products are either third-party certified or Green Earth certified.


Lab Tested
The high-performing products have been verified by external or internal lab testing.
  • Internal lab testing found most of the green products performed equal to or better than conventional products.
  • Betco’s Research and Development Lab performed practical testing for all green products against conventional products using the same application including soap scum, dirt, and soil removal.
  • Results were confirmed by visual observation as well as standard ASTM evaluation methods.

Lab test

Proven Performance
Betco sustainable products have attained a tried-and-true status through use in successful programs for over 30 years.
  • Developed and implemented sustainable cleaning programs in schools, universities, and healthcare and office  buildings.
  • Versatile products helped consolidate multiple conventional products into a fewer sustainable products.
  • Betco sustainable products help our customers receive LEED certification and comply with new state and local green cleaning mandates.

Floor Proven

Don't Take Our Word For It

“I love the BioActive Solutions line. In higher education, we have a lot of issues with restrooms smelling like urine, and I have been turning everyone to BioActive Solutions. It does a great job at eliminating odors.”  

-Facilities Supervisor


A Facilities Supervisor from a large Big Ten University confirms, “The Green Earth Peroxide Cleaner allowed us to maintain healthy facilities while being safe, which is pretty much my only goal.”


According to a school system in the Eastern US–there are statewide mandates for green finishes, in fact, states are actually providing funds to switch to green products. Other green finishes were powdery, slippery, expensive, hard to apply, and required a special pad to maintain the floor. Green Earth Prelude Finish and Sealer, however, was simple to apply, required no special maintenance, and retained its shine with heavy foot traffic.